Wednesday 25 February 2015


When life gives you LIMES just SMILE.
Control isn't above having power or authority. Rather it is about modifying and bending rules. Yeah many people do not understand what it takes to be in control 'cause they can't even control themselves.
Another lesson I want to share today is 'Learn to control yourself'. Be it financially, Spiritually, Emotionally or even anger wise, Self Control is a great virtue that needs possessing. No matter what external factors may bring up, you must be able to control your reactions and response as this is going to be a big determinant of outcomes you get from life and others.
Be angry, but control your anger before your anger controls you. Even when things happening around you are against your standard or the people around you gets on your low, guys, watch yourself and don't let the situation control your actions..........................
On my way from Abeokuta........ Abeg I need to face my journey, see you later.......

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