Thursday 26 February 2015


The way you present yourself is the way others see you.... Hmmmmn,  make your stance look full and strong enough for others to see you that way. When people look at a personality, it isn't who is under the garment they see but he wearing the garment that is ; even though u mustn't present yourself more you are,  yet u must 'package' yourself.
If you present yourself cheap to others, chai, u are cheap and they will use you cheaply alike. But if they see that you are blessed, strong, independent and rare, they will treat you with respect........

Wednesday 25 February 2015


When life gives you LIMES just SMILE.
Control isn't above having power or authority. Rather it is about modifying and bending rules. Yeah many people do not understand what it takes to be in control 'cause they can't even control themselves.
Another lesson I want to share today is 'Learn to control yourself'. Be it financially, Spiritually, Emotionally or even anger wise, Self Control is a great virtue that needs possessing. No matter what external factors may bring up, you must be able to control your reactions and response as this is going to be a big determinant of outcomes you get from life and others.
Be angry, but control your anger before your anger controls you. Even when things happening around you are against your standard or the people around you gets on your low, guys, watch yourself and don't let the situation control your actions..........................
On my way from Abeokuta........ Abeg I need to face my journey, see you later.......

Tuesday 24 February 2015


Good evening friends, today was hectic.  Yours??
Another great lesson I learnt from life, is 'Only the doer makes something out of a goal' .  Hmmmmn,  everybody has got beautiful ambitions, goals, dreams and aspirations, but only a few realize their goals. Why?
While the more people keep dreaming and scheming how to make the millions and all, the few thinks a little, takes a bold step on their thoughts, push further and makes everyday count and overtime gets something little and builds more on that little something to make an empire.............
Make everyday count, don't only aspire, think or scheme,   also do more, don't wait for that big break, rather let those little chops mould the big pot.......
I got to make dinner now........ I will see you guys tomorrow


Learning to have the right people around is a great asset and helps make dreams come true. Having good rapour and relationship with everyone we come across helps build up our fans and support base.  I heard from a good source that George Bush (snr)  personally signs 100,000 Xmas and New Year complimentary cards to friends and family; now tell me why his family won't always have a reason to be in a place of power in America at a point or the other.
No matter what you have against people try and learn forgiveness and keep everyone and anyone as good as they can possibly be................
Life is dynamic.......... See you guys later


sorry guys I am late, was watching movies and sleeping.
A great lesson to learn from life is, how to make every of your actions count. Don't be too anxious about anything and everything but as I said tidy your SHIT. Any major part of the build up to your future that you refuse to tidy is gonna just come right back to the future and hunt you down. Yea, big time. So you have gat to make all your actions, reactions and response to life and living count for what must be done right.
Don't think that because you want to be a sailor, you really don't need Home Economics, like hell you do cos if you don't do it now, you gonna do it harder later on.....
My Papa used to say 'No lesson learnt in life is a waste'......
Learn as much as you can and tidy up your home front........
See y'all later


Many people do not understand what it takes to live according to a plan or what a plan of a life really is. The first thing that can ever get a man or woman as the case maybe ; a place of reality is getting a planned life.
From a young age or growth period anybody wishing to achieve anything in life, must have a view of how the future is going to be designed. Making a plan for the future must be done according to purpose, strength, weakness, God, resources  and environment. One must put God first in his plan, then consider all these other elements as they will all one day play a part or the other in the actualization of your dreams.

I learnt a great lesson which though hurt me, yet it's still a lesson worthwhile; ANY INTEGRAL PART OF YOUR LIFE LEFT IN THE PAST UNTIDIED WILL COME BACK TO HUNT YOU. (this lesson will be the basis for our knowledge sharing tomorrow.......)  Guys, plan your life.