Tuesday 24 February 2015


sorry guys I am late, was watching movies and sleeping.
A great lesson to learn from life is, how to make every of your actions count. Don't be too anxious about anything and everything but as I said tidy your SHIT. Any major part of the build up to your future that you refuse to tidy is gonna just come right back to the future and hunt you down. Yea, big time. So you have gat to make all your actions, reactions and response to life and living count for what must be done right.
Don't think that because you want to be a sailor, you really don't need Home Economics, like hell you do cos if you don't do it now, you gonna do it harder later on.....
My Papa used to say 'No lesson learnt in life is a waste'......
Learn as much as you can and tidy up your home front........
See y'all later

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