Wednesday 4 November 2015


There are many things that I have tried that did not work. There was a day someone asked me,"Do you people who are successful know what those of us who run small organizations are going through?" I said, "Which part of my story do you want me to begin with? You will be surprised where I started from,and you will be surprised the challenges that I have encountered along the way,but I have stayed on."

So,what are the challenges you have right now? Let me ask first,do you know anyone who has overcome similar challenges before? Have you heard their story? Are you assuming that it was easier for them than it is for you? Maybe it is a wrong assumption. It hardly works so smoothly for everybody.

Anyone who has big dreams is going to attract challenges. Some never realize the potential promotion or increase that comes from overcoming challenges. Great victories come from great battles.

Today,overcome every challenge and join the world of champions.

You are a champion!
You will succeed..