Monday 31 August 2015

Zuckerberg, You Are No Indiana Jones - Jason Finkelstein

For those of us at San Francisco Bay Area tech firms, Hollywood’s fascination with Silicon Valley is odd, to say the least.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

4 Things Successful Leaders Do to Empower Employees - Marshall Goldsmith

Most CEOs in Nigeria need to read this.........................
As a manager or leader, do you let your people assume more responsibility when they are able? Do you know when that is, or do you keep telling yourself that they aren't ready yet?

Google's creation of Alphabet reminds startups of an important lesson: Focus - Jim Scheinman

One of the reasons Google remains a great company well after its startup days is that, even as a massive public company, it stays true to what made it successful as a startup. For example, it's critical for startups to stay focused.

Monday 24 August 2015

How Successful People Overcome Uncertainty - Dr. Travis Bradberry (contd)

They focus only on what matters
Some decisions can make or break your company. Most just aren’t thatimportant. The people who are the best at making decisions in the face of uncertainty don’t waste their time getting stuck on decisions where the biggest risk is looking foolish in front of their co-workers.


Our brains are hardwired to make much of modern life difficult. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with uncertainty. On the bright side, if you know the right tricks, you can override your brain’s irrational tendencies and handle uncertainty effectively.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

PIMP My Customer Experience - Daryn Mason

I think everyone needs this............... Thanks Daryn

Q: How many times have you entered your personal details online?

Brands! Are you listening? By Vibhas Mehta

By........... VIBHAS Mehta
Would you spend money to ignore your customers? Would you spend time & effort to create an impression among your potential customers that you don't care about what they say? Obviously not. They why do it in Digital?

Is Your Communication Costing You a Promotion? By Sable Badaki

Ladies come out here........This is for you....  By Sable Badaki
Studies have shown that people are more comfortable with people who are similar to them. In these studies, men admit in the workplace they prefer working with other men. How does this affect your career? 

Friday 14 August 2015

The Best of Times

Isn't the world good as it is?
I wonder a lot when many people think or refer to the saying "A fool at forty is a fool forever" because in this 21st century popularly referred to as 'JET AGE' by many there is literally nothing left for a man to achieve at '40' because all better life opportunities and entitlements must have come and gone since he was in his '20's..................no offence but isn't it truthful?...........so I'd say a fool at 25 'which is mid 20s' is a fool forever........ Takia guys see u soon.........

Creating a work life integration plan by Jacqueline V. Twillie

After you've assessed your values and your daily actions it's time to create a plan that will allow you to thrive in all areas of your life. The biggest part of that is finding the resources available to you by your employer. 
Examples of Resources that you should take advantage of:

3 Ways To Get Checked Out Employees to Check Back In - By Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick

On a Monday not long ago, a friend left us a voice mail. He is one of the most talented marketing professionals we know, but after years of feeling “dissed” at his company he had become disengaged at work. What follows is the transcript of the message: 

Finding A Mentor is Less Awkward Than You Think

I found this article By Kushaan Shah, an IBM Consultant and Entrepreneur ...... It would prove useful to all.......
Since the start of my time at IBM, there has always been an emphasis on mentoring. We got bombarded with pressure to find mentors immediately after startingindividuals who would magically guide young people through their struggles and invest in us when we needed help.

Thursday 13 August 2015

Be Political and Be Savvy - Sable Badaki

This Piece was posted by Sable Badaki; a Global Strategic HR Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker......................
We hear the term “ office politics” and images begin to flood our minds of bickering, backstabbing, and mean co-workers. Is that office politics or is just bickering, backstabbing, and mean co- workers?
Office politics exist in the workplace. Your ability to navigate through the political environment is a skill. Contrary to popular belief, it is not for the evils ones but for the career focused ones. Check your organization’s competency directory, there it is “political savvy”