Ladies come out here........This is for you....  By Sable Badaki
Studies have shown that people are more comfortable with people who are similar to them. In these studies, men admit in the workplace they prefer working with other men. How does this affect your career? 

With the majority of the senior management seats being held by men, this reduces your face time with management. This is more than scheduled meetings or performance discussions. You are missing out on those times, when your boss needs to brainstorm an idea. He calls one of the boys. When he needs to make a quick decision, and needs some input. He calls one of the boys. Why? He can predict his response. Not his answer, the delivery of the response. He knows in the “boys club”, they give direct and candid responses. Their focus is on results..
In the workplace most men are unsure of what to expect from their female colleagues, when they present an issue, need some input or just want to bounce off an idea. They are wondering before they invite her to the discussion, “Will she start asking too many questions? Does she understand the importance of making a decision now, even without all the information? These feelings of uncertainty or uneasiness result in him forgoing the contributions of his female colleagues. Instead, he leans on another man. 
Yet, women in their workplace need these visibility or mentoring opportunities to showcase or sharpen their skills and talents. Unique meetings like these allow her to demonstrate her ability to resolve complex issues and present innovative ideas. But, these opportunities are missed. 
How can we gain these visibility opportunities? We need to understand the language of the men in the workplace. Women tend to ask questions to bring clarity, bring a consensus-building atmosphere or ensure they have enough information to make a decision. Men interpret these questions as prolonging the process. Men are interested in isolating the issue and addressing it head on for a quick decision. 
As women, we must learn to speak “manspeak” (that’s not really a word but you get the idea). Learn to communicate in the method that is comfortable for men. We can start by reframing our questions into statements. Making these statements with confidence and communicate clearly. Be passionate in our response but not emotional. 
As we speak their language, we will be invited to more opportunities to present our thoughts.