Thursday 11 June 2015

Living above Penury (Series) 1

What does it mean to live in Penury?
Penury as many would say is the lack of money to spend. Am i right?
Also it is the state of being very poor; extreme poverty.

Well, in practical terms, Living in penury is more or less not living. Yea you heard me right. NOT LIVING.
Because how can you justify your living when in the true terms you cannot afford the basic needs of living.........Feeding properly, Clothing, and housing. 
Well, economies around the world really mess up people's pocket anyhow these days.
 What is the solution???
I will be touching several opportunistic solutions every serious minded individual come across everyday and should take note of (work upon)

 Get a Job 
Many people think getting a job means getting a white collar Job..........Hmmmmn! don't get it twisted not everyone can wear Suits and tie.....I, for example is getting used more with Jeans and Shirt with my All-season classy shoes.
You have to get a job, no matter what it is so long it creates value for you and can pay you something worthwhile. That is, can pay your bills.......... (but remember you can get something more than your capabilities....so build your capabilities first)

 I will continue this series tomorrow 

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